ShareDoc is web based Document Management Software with integrated Workflow Solution that provides organizations to securely store, manage , retrieve and share business documents any time anywhere.


Why use ShareDoc?

  • Each member of your group can quickly find any relevant document created by any other group member.
  • You can call up a list of documents and, simply by looking at the list, know the nature of each.
  • The content of the document can quickly be sensed.
  • You can control who can see each document and who can edit it.
  • A detailed record is present, describing every action taken by every user on your system with respect to every document in your repository.
  • You can quickly locate any document in your department associated in any way.


What ShareDoc can do for you!

  • FIND: Find documents and files in seconds rather than hours.
  • SHARE: Allow more than one worker access to the same document at the same time.
  • APPROVAL:Documents can be made to sent for authorization by the project manager of supervisor officer.
  • WORKFLOW RULES: Adding restrictions to a user or a group.
  • VERSION CONTROL: Version control gives you the ability to mange document changes and revisions, including going back to a previous version of a document.
  • CENTRALIZATION: Store department or workgroup documents in a central storage area.
  • NOTIFICATION: Reminders can be set to any and all documents to give a SMSand E-mailnotification.
  • SECURITY: Set document security for who can view and update files.
  • AUDIT: Verify who viewed and made updates to documents.
  • ARCHIVING: Set retentionperiods for documents, and schedule archival or removal processes.
  • DATA BACKUP/RESTORE: All users can create a backup of all the files.