Green PC

Save energy, reduce CO2 & quickly lower electricity bills for PC’s & Laptops

Companies are anxious to reduce power usage these days, both to save cash on energy bills and to reduce their environmental impact . One area that's ripe for power savings is the desktop. At companies across the globe, end-users leave their computers and monitors on day and night for any number of reasons, be it for late-night backups and patching or ensuring they can get cracking the moment they sit down at their desks each morning.

These conveniences come at an overlooked price: Keeping a PC running 24/7 can cost as much as US$375 per year, depending on the type of computer and monitor, as well as energy rates in your region. Shutting down a PC for 16 hours or so per day can cut those costs by 66 percent. That translates to potential savings of more than US$120,000 if you have 500 machines.


Green PC Power Management Solution

PowerStudio® is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide web based PC Power Management Solution. A complete solution that has no dependencies on third party products. By applying centralised computer power policies organisations can reduce their carbon footprint and save thousands on Electricity bills. PowerStudio® provides an accurate baseline figure of PC power usage including the ability to remotely shutdown and wake PC clients and intelligently save and reload applications and documents.


Why do you need an Enterprise Solution?

Although the inclusion of power management functionality is becoming more prominent (i.e. Windows 7, SCCM R3, AD Group Policy), these are all limited. To truly provide the flexibility, confidence and manageability needed to ensure that maximum savings are realised, then an Enterprise-wide Solution is the only way to make this happen. Organisations need accurate and rich reporting as well as being able to adapt to changes whilst maintaining savings. Equally, large and global organisations will have additional challenges with regards to multiple locations (or countries) and tariffs.

Product Highlights

  • Define baselines to measure both estimated and actual costs
  • Report on cost, carbon, energy and time
  • Easy to understand powerful interface using charts, graphs and widgets
  • Customisable dashboard with easy to understand reports that can be personalised to display only reports relevant to you
  • Energy Star database provides accurate PC consumption values
  • Create any number of power schemes and power management policies for different job roles
  • Apply locations, organisational units or even individual PC's
  • Apply schemes to individual computers, groups or organisational units
  • Add multiple locations and set appropriate electricity tariff with support for dual rate electricity
  • Apply sync rules to dynamically manage PC's around naming standards and/or IP addresses.
  • Separately assign locations, counties, states and countries to relevant managers or management teams
  • Integrate with one or more Active Directory domains to import PCs and User Accounts
  • Document Manager enables automatic saving, closing and opening of applications and documents
  • Personalised power usage report showing comparison against the whole user community
  • Users can view their own power statistics
  • Assign correct wattage against vendor device by model, providing more accurate reports
  • Complete Solution - no dependencies on any third party products


Business Benefits

  • Return On Investment in Months This is what you can expect from PowerStudio® as well as pro-actively contributing to the Green Environmental targets. PowerStudio® is a web based PC Power Management solution . By applying centralised computer power policies organisations can prolong the life of their computer power equipment, reduce their carbon footprint and potentially save thousands of pounds on electricity bills.
  • Complete Solution With no dependency on any third party products PowerStudio® can gracefully shutdown applications and save open files when the system goes into low power states. Maintenance of PCs couldn’t be easier with the ability to wake up and close down PCs to accommodate patching and other maintenance tasks. With the ability for users to remotely wake up remote PCs, PowerStudio® truly has all the functionality needed in a single solution.
  • Involve the User Community The User Education & Awareness capabilities within PowerStudio® keep users informed of their personal contribution to PC energy efficiency including visibility of how they compare to their peers to fully involve users in increasing overall efficiencies. By involving users organisations can save even more energy, reduce costs and carbon footprint and fully optimise power management capabilities across the PC estate whilst informing and empowering users to take action on their individual impact on the environment.
  • Save thousands on electricity Desktop PCs have been highlighted as one of the key targets for IT energy efficiency. Recent research by the Alliance to Save Energy suggests there 78% of UK employees use a PC at work. By leaving computers on all night for a year, a company with 10,000 PC’s wastes £168,000 Source: Alliance to Save Energy, 2009 PC Energy Report
  • Reduce CO2 and comply with Government legislation The “Green Agenda” of the government, with targets being set by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) via the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme means the challenges look so much greater. Mandatory from 2010, companies must register their energy footprint which is then offset against a carbon allowance from the Government – the less power used, the less carbon required. PowerStudio® tells you how much energy you are consuming and allows you to automatically power down.